Terms and Conditions of Rent


a. Driver Age: For categories A, B, C, D, E, J, the minimum age is 23 years with two years of experience after obtaining the driver license.

b. Driver License: Have a Greek driving license, or a European driving license (for EU countries) or an international driving license (for non-EU countries). Recently, and to inform prospective visitors traveling to GREECE and wanting to rent a car, we inform them that the law passed in the Parliament in April 2018: Americans, Australians, Canadians and Chinese people who will visit Greece and will want to rent or drive a car should have in addition to their country driving license and international driving license.

c. We do not request a down payment to book your rented car but you pay us on arrival when you sign a car rental contract. What we ask of you is to inform us in time (at least 10 days) about any cancellation of the reservation without any financial cost.

d. Fuel Policy: You must return the vehicle with the same fuel amount as it was delivered.

e. Checking a car for any small damages from a previous tenant and marking them in the rental contract profile.

f. Traffic Offenses: All fines for K.O.K. violations and the consequences of administrative penalties will be paid by the tenant.